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High-quality international calling at low rates

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Llamadas internacionales de alta calidad a tarifas bajas.

Your calls are important and you deserve premium quality.

The STi brand has served tens of millions of customers and STi World now offers high-quality calls in an easy-to-use app at the lowest rates available.

Your calls are just a tap away. Anytime. Anywhere.

All your contacts are available in the app for instant calling with lower rates. Make them into favorites in the app for even easier access.

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The longer you talk, the more you save.

That’s why people who need to make longer calls prefer our pricing model and will prefer the STi World app over the competition.

An Example of Why You Should Choose STi World

At the time this was written, a large competitor offers calls to Guatemala Mobile at 15.5 cents per minute with no disconnect fee. If you talk for 30 minutes, you would pay $4.65 for the call. STi World offers calls to Guatemala Mobile at 11.55 cents per minute with a disconnect fee of 50 cents for calls over 5 minutes. That same 30-minute call with STi World is $3.97. That’s a savings of nearly $0.70 for a 30-minute call!

High Quality

STi World offers high quality calls to all the destinations of the world.

Low Rates

Don't call overseas with your regular mobile plan, use the STi World app instead for lower rates.

Easy to Use

Call from your contacts, create favorites or just dial a number from the app to save on any international call.

Easy to Reload

Add funds to your balance using all major debit and credit cards, PayPal and Venmo. To pay with cash, get an iTunes or Google Play card from any convenience store, or an STi World card from your international market, and use it in the app to add funds for calling.

Try the STi World app for free.

Download the app, allow notifications when you log in and we’ll send you a promo code for free funds to make real calls.